“‘Silence of the Lambs’ meets ‘The Turn of the Screw.’ The story is propelled by suspense, and made delicious by Maddox’s Ray Bradbury-like gift for deft, deep-shadowed description … Those last hundred pages just about turn themselves.”

– Dan Hagen,  The Charleston Times-Courier

“The boundaries of the noir with its mournful, gloomy and depressive elements are pushed almost to the edge of darkness . . . Maddox skillfully creates a shocking mix of the bleak atmospheric tones of the macabre with the supernatural, while holding onto the page-turning exhilaration of a real thriller . . . This is one haunting read that is sure to give you nightmares.”

– Norm Goldman, BookPleasures

“Highly recommended . . . Read it with the lights on!”

– Readers Choice